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"The Nurses from Apogee made us feel like family! We definitely knew we were in good hands, and I’d recommend any of my friends or family to Apogee." - Apogee Home Health Patient

If you or a family member have reached that time in life when you need extra care, and you don’t want to live alone or in an assisted living facility or nursing home, then you are at the right place!

From our family to yours, Apogee Home Health welcomes your loved one as they take their first step towards a faster and better recovery…right in the comfort of their own home. We understand that making the decision to use outside help for caring for an elderly loved one is difficult. That’s why we are extremely passionate and dedicated to making our patients feel like family as we help them return to their highest potential level of recovery, while providing top-quality health care services, right at home.

Our caregivers are highly trained professionals dedicated to enhancing our patients’ quality of life and treat each and every patient as if they were their own family member. Our one-on-one care is tailored to each of our patient’s individual needs, as we also engage in other activities to keep each patient mentally stimulated, physically active and socially & emotionally satisfied. Apogee Home Health nurses and therapists also help to prevent unnecessary hospital stays by recognizing early signs of complications and communicating them to our patients’ doctors and family members.

Apogee Is the only Home Health Agency that provides USB Medical Bracelets for our patients.

A USB Medical Bracelet is a fast and efficient communication tool that prevents medical errors between health care providers, patients and caretakers. Includes: emergency contact information, list of patients’ attending physicians and their contact information, patients’ medication list, links to important health related websites and physician’s website (if applicable).

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Apogee Home Health is licensed as a home health provider by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). We are Medicare-certified and accredited by The Joint Commission.

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